Over the course of 20 plus years, I have collected minerals & crystals from all over the world with a focus on Australian specimens. Aussie Mineral Hub was created to share the collection with you and build a community around learning what this fascinating earth has to offer.

– Josh Grigg –


Recent Additions to the Collection

  • Chalcedony After Calcite Pseudomorph

Chalcedony After Calcite Pseudomorph

Great Australian pseudomorph, of chalcedony replacing calcite. Pretty cool seeing how uncommon it is! These were found by a farmer by the name of Ron Green on a property in Lyndhurst near Neville.

  • Green Fluorite from Riemvasmaak

Fluorite – Riemvasmaak

One look at this and many people will know it's from Riemvasmaak, South Africa because nowhere else in the world will you find gemmy, excellent green octahedral fluorite specimens like these.

  • Heulandite from Tambar Springs NSW | Aussie Mineral Hub


Heulandite is one of the more common zeolite minerals. It has a very distinctive coffin-shaped crystals. This specimen was unearthed in Tambar Springs which is a small town in the North West Slopes region of New South Wales, Australia.


Secondary Galena & Wurtzite – Brownes Shaft, Broken Hill NSW

A rare specimen of secondary galena and wurtzite from Brownes Shaft, Broken Hill NSW. A location of which many people say is arguably the finest place of secondary galena in the world. This specimen was acquired from Tony of Mineral Store Australia from the ex collection of Kenneth Hartnett.

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Aussie Mineral Hub is the showcase of the Josh Grigg collection and a place to learn and share information about Minerals & Crystals from Australia and around the world that our beautiful earth has to offer.