The Australian Minerals & Crystals section of the Josh Grigg Collection has a variety of specimens that have been mined from all over Australia including Torrington, Kuridala, Harts Range, Mt Isa and Broken Hill to name a few.

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Australian Minerals


Heulandite is one of the more common zeolite minerals. It has a very distinctive coffin-shaped crystals. This specimen was unearthed in Tambar Springs which is a small town in the North West Slopes region of New South Wales, Australia.

Rhodonite & Galena

A great miniature example of a Broken Hill NSW Rhodonite crystal in association with many smaller crystals in shiny Silver bearing Galena. These are found in the sulfide zone of the Broken Hill silver-lead mines.


Zircon is a natural mineral found in a very small area in the central part of Australia, a remote region called the Mud Tank Zircon Field in Harts Ranges, Northern Territory. One side of this has been polished and gives a nice touch to the specimen.


Erythrite is a bright red-purple colour cobalt arsenic, oxygen and hydrogen mineral, a colourful characteristic that makes it very noticeable and easy to identify. This specimen was mined from Mount Cobalt mine, Mt Isa QLD Australia.


Bustamite is a calcium, manganese, iron clinopyroxene. This specimen is from Broken Hill which is renowned for having the worlds finest Bustamite crystals, by far! It is brown-red with some translucent sections.

Azurite Sun

Azurite Sun is a copper mineral produced by the oxidation weathering of copper ore deposits. It is only found in the Malbunka Copper Mine, near Areyonga, Northern Territory, Australia.

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