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Garnet Crystal

Garnet Crystal from Harts Range, Northern Territory


This Garnet Crystal beauty was found in Harts Range, Northern Territory, Australia which is a well known location for Garnets in Australia.

I acquired this specimen from Greg at Blue Gems at the August 2016 Sydney Crystal Show.

Specimen Details

Chemical Formula: Fe2+3Al2Si3O12

ID #: JG0003

Colour: Dark red to brown, black

Hardness: 6.5 – 7.5

Acquisition Date: 06/08/2016

Crystal System: Cubic

Lustre: Vitreous

Dimensions: 42mm x 33mm x 29mm

Weight: 66g

Location: Harts Range, NT Australia

Rarity of Mineral

Very Common

Did you know!?
Garnet is not a mineral by itself, it is a group that contains closely related, isomorphous minerals that form a series with each other.

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